About Us

Getting dressed for your day should be easy, comfortable and delightful. Instead of chasing trends and low-quality clothing, we believe in investing in versatile wardrobe staples. That’s why we craft everyday essentials from the world’s best natural fabrics.
I. Our Philosophy
Our mission is to inspire women to find delight in the everyday - that seemingly ordinary objects and experiences can make you smile when done right. The initial collection is a reflection of this philosophy - simple, beautiful clothing for everyday life, not just special occasions.
II. Premium Fabrics
We’re committed to only producing pieces in the best possible fabrics. Instead of making our clothes out of low quality synthetic fabrics, we custom milled our own premium organic and pima cotton - the result is clothing that’s more breathable, higher quality, and longer lasting. Learn more about the fabrics on our product pages.
III. Community
We believe that building a successful brand doesn’t happen behind closed doors - from our community fit sessions, our AM:PM series highlighting inspiring women, to instructor-led community events - we would love for you to join us!

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