What we believe

We believe in better clothing. Nothing more, nothing less. Clothes you can wear to a meeting at work or a dinner party with friends. Clothes that adapt to you and last through the seasons as trend after trend passes.

For too long, the fashion industry told us that above a certain size, these are not the clothes you deserve. What we're left with are cheap, tacky prints, ruffles, and synthetic polyester fabrics. We knew this needed to change - and that's why we started And Comfort.

"Change in the fashion industry is long overdue: we decided to make it happen."

Not too little, not too much

Our capsule is purposefully curated to be the fundamental pieces that you actually need. A shirt that’s got you covered for that morning client meeting. A dress that’s perfect for any special occassion. Pants that are perfect for Fridays at the office, or Fridays at home. Versatile, everyday essentials that flex seamlessly into your wardrobe. Because getting dressed in the morning should be a delightful experience.
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A commitment to quality and sustainability

We believe in doing things the right way, not the fast way. Every product we make goes through months of rigorous fit testing and sample making to ensure that we deliver on our promise of quality to you. We hand source premium + sustainable natural fabrics from the same mills that luxury couture designers use. We knew the last thing you need are more clothes that don’t work - our capsule collection represents our promise to make every piece slowly, thoughtfully, and purposefully.
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How we do it

To give the you access to better clothing at an affordable price point, we took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our pieces are made with the same top-quality fabrics as luxury fashion houses. But our overhead is much lower, and our quality is guaranteed. By not relying on traditional retailers, we’re able to bring you the best product for a fair price - a win-win.