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Women Who Lead

Our AM:PM blog highlights inspiring women from the And Comfort community - especially those not often featured in traditional media.

Milena Mallory

Visuals Editor at Darling Magazine
"Most of the time the way we view ourselves is significantly different than the way others see us. I love being able to show others how I see them and see beauty in that"
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Katy Syme

Model + Founder of Artemis
"The aim of Artemis is to grow a community of badass women running their own businesses (not often how modeling is viewed, but definitely how it can be) through kindness and encouraging confidence."
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Julia Silge

Data Scientist at Stack Overflow
"One of my favorite projects was analyzing a large dataset of film scripts to examine how men and women are portrayed in movies...women are more likely to be twirling or retreating, while men are more likely to be staggering or slashing"
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Erika Rae Owen

Writer at Bon Appétit + Crafts Enthusiast
"I think making things with your hands is such a therapeutic process and I can only hope to bring a new interest into someone’s life that has a positive impact."
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