There's something magical about a great sweater.
Insanely soft, warm yet breathable, incredibly long-lasting.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry's prioritization of profits over quality have led to an influx of cheaply made, thin fall-apart sweaters. We thought you deserved better.

Better in Every Way

And Comfort Sweater
Typical $100 Sweater
High Grade Wool and Cashmere
The yarn is the foundation to any great sweater. Yarn quality is based on fineness, and our sweater is made with 90S grade wool and cashmere yarn for superior softness.
Cheap Plastics and Low-Grade Wool
Typical sweaters contain toxic plastics like polyamide, nylon, and polyester (yuck!). Even if they are 100% wool or cashmere, it’s usually low quality or scratchy options.
Artisan Knitted in 3D Pattern
Our sweater's intricate 3D pattern is not only more beautiful, but also trap tiny pockets of air creating natural insulation that keeps you warm but not hot.
Mass Produced by Machines
Industrial machines mass produce thin sheets of low-quality fabric. As a result, the fabric lacks the natural temperature control that a properly knit sweater should provide.
Lasts for Decades
Everything from the fabric to the construction of our sweater ensures that you’ll have a long-lasting wardrobe staple that will last you decades, not months.
Lasts for Months
Everything from holes in the fabric, scratchiness, excessive pilling, and loss of shape after just a few wears results in a sweater that doesn't last.
A softer, higher-quality sweater
that will last through the seasons

Soft, warm, airy, elegant.
Instead of taking shortcuts, we made a better sweater every step of the way.

Fair and Honest Pricing

For a sweater of our quality, traditional retailers would charge upwards of $350. By selling direct-to-consumer, we're able to bring you the same sweater for half the cost.
Our Costs
The exact costs behind our Fika sweater








Cost to Produce
Fair Pricing
We sell at a 2X markup instead of the typical 5-6X
Our Sweater: $178
Traditional: $350

The Fika Sweater

Fika is the Swedish concept of a midday coffee break and represents the mindset of taking a pause to relax and have a coffee and pastry. And we think that perfectly captures what this sweater's all about. Relaxed, easy-going, a pause from a busy day at work.
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